While December has been very wet and dark and while it can be a difficult time for so many, we still hope and pray for better times this Christmas and new year. Please God, we can all celebrate Christmas well next weekend. The presence of the newborn infant in our church crib on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning will put a smile on our faces as well. Our faces can be tired and worn from the events of life and of the past year. Perhaps this year someone is absent from your house? We lovingly remember those who have died during 2016. Perhaps, due to a disagreement, someone will be somewhere else this year and that brings sadness. A member of the family has gone abroad and despite Skype etc, they are away from us. Jesus is the ‘Emmanuel’, God-with-us. Truly believe that God is with you in your sadness and loneliness. Truly believe that God is in your joys and happiness. Perhaps there is a new baby or grandchild since this time last year. Perhaps there has been the joy of a wedding in the family. Perhaps someone has come home as a surprise? This year, we put our lives and hearts in front of the Infant Jesus and we humbly ask God’s blessings. May you all have a happy and a blessed Christmas 2016.