I had the privilege of being in Croke Park yesterday to support Mayfield. It was a wonderful day and a special day in the history of our parish and community. The line of scripture that came into my mind was, ‘this is the day that was made by the Lord, let us rejoice and be glad, Allelauia’. As always, it is the people and the place that made the biggest impression! A few thoughts struck me yesterday: • The biggest support from the four clubs represented in Croke Park was from Mayfield and we were the ones who had to travel the longest distance; • It is people who make a place, a parish, a club, a team. People always matter and make the difference; • The joy of victory was unbelievable and shared by everyone from Mayfield and beyond. In our church we are blessed with a fantastic attendance from many different parishes. It is hugely appreciated and I think everyone shares in the joy this morning. • It was a great day for the young people of our area and shows what can be achieved; • It was an equally great day for many older people, perhaps grandparents who thought they might never see any such day; • It was a great day for all the sporting and voluntary clubs, groups and organisations in Mayfield who contribute so much loyally and well; • It was a day of remembrance for parents and grandparents who have died and who would have loved such a day. I was thinking of the parents and grandparents of some of the players who have died recently and please God, are proud in Heaven. We pray for them this morning; • Above all, it was a day of achievement for a dedicated group of players who have brought great joy and distinction to their area, their parish, their club and their families and themselves; • May God bless them all; Our faith brings us together this morning from Mayfield and beyond. The words are demanding but nothing in life is easy. The words of Jesus are spoken from one person to another. The gospel is demanding but, with the grace of God, not impossible. We pray for that grace this morning to go that extra mile, to give and receive forgiveness and always, put our faith in God.