Lent 2017 begins on this coming this Wed. Mar. 1st. In recent days and weeks, many people have been preparing their gardens and planting for the spring. Please God, this work will flourish for Easter and later in the year. Growth is slow initially, but then flourishes with warmer temperatures in spring and early summer. Hopefully we can see the same pattern of change and growth for ourselves. Growth does come even if it seems impossible at first. Lent is a time of change and growth which too, seems impossible at first but it does happen. It is a time for us to turn our hearts and minds to God as a loving and merciful Father. Please God, many of us will receive ashes on our foreheads on Ash Wednesday. We want to receive the ashes and we all want to do our best. Think about what you can do this Lent, what sacrifice can you make to help us along. Think about it before Ash Wednesday and be ready to make Lent 2017 important for you and your family.