We have another great gospel reading this weekend i.e. the healing of the man born blind. As always, the gospel is more than just a simple story about a miracle and more about faith and belief at a different level. Equally, the gospel account on last weekend was more than just about providing water for Jesus to drink and more about bringing the Samaritan woman to faith and belief. In fact, at the end of John’s gospel, it says that these things are recorded so that ‘you may believe’. That is you and I this weekend and every other day as well. The spittle placed in the eyes of the man born blind is messy in much the same way that our own lives, worries and troubles are also messy. However, it is through this discomfort and mess that the man comes to faith and belief. At the very end, he says, ‘Lord, I believe’. This weekend, as we come to Mass, you might be in a big mess and yet it is that which can bring us to belief and faith. Faith and belief is not a theory but very real. Please God, you can take these gospel stories and passages into your hearts and lives and trust that Jesus will bring us to faith in Him.