A major objection to faith and belief is that the members of the early church invented the accounts of the resurrection of Jesus in order to persuade others to join their group or community. The very existence of their communities and the church depends on the truth of the resurrection. This weekend we will hear two magnificent accounts of the resurrection of Jesus. On Holy Saturday night, in the account of Luke, the men standing at the tomb of Jesus say ‘why look for the living among the dead, he is not here, he has risen’. This is the evidence of the disciples and the experience of Christians through the ages. Would you not love to hear those words spoken of your loved ones who have died? They are not here but they have risen! They are alive in God. I know this is your evidence that the resurrection of Jesus is real. Perhaps you are waiting for the words of resurrection in a difficult situation this year. Have hope. The words of Jesus are true. On Easter Sunday morning Peter and the beloved disciple of Jesus race to the empty tomb, in the gospel of John. The beloved disciple of Jesus waits for Peter and allows him to enter the tomb of Jesus first. They look around and study the evidence of the resurrection of Jesus. The beloved disciple says nothing but he ‘sees and believes’. It is not a shot in the dark. He knows that everything that he has been told is true. I love his response. It is considered and silent. It not ‘over the top’. He is the ‘quiet man’ who is not be easily fooled. I trust his careful judgment. To see and believe is to be wise. Put your trust in the risen Jesus and you will not be disappointed in Easter 2017 and beyond. Happy Easter.