This past week, and this weekend, we mark the closure of two chapters of the history and life of Mayfield in honouring Scoil Mhuire Banríon and Scoil Eoin Aspal. As we do so, we mark the opening of a wonderful new chapter in the future of our community and our parish with the opening of Scoil Mhuire agus Eoin. There is evident nostalgia and sadness around the closure of these enormous chapters of education and life in our parish. I have compared our two schools as the two lungs of our parish. Scoil Mhuire agus Eoin will be a new chapter and will become the heart of our parish. It will be a special place for children and families. The two lungs will become one beating heart. These special Masses which we celebrate are emotional moments evoking wonderful memories especially in memory of pupils, parents and staff members who have gone to their eternal reward. However, progress is to be embraced and the future is bright. May God bless all those who passed through the doors of Scoil Eoin Aspal since 1973 and Scoil Mhuire Banríon since 1962. May God bless the children, the families and staff members of Scoil Mhuire agus Eoin who will walk through the door for the first time on next Tue. Jun. 27th and then for the new school year in September. Another wonderful chapter will also open when the children from St. Killian’s School will cross the threshold of the current building of Scoil Eoin Aspal in the Autumn. May God bless them, their families, their teachers and their school.