These last few days have been beautifully mild after the terrible storms of the preceding week. It has not been an easy time for many people particularly, those without power supply for an extended period. In a sense, people are returning to normal and resuming their routine. Hopefully our weather will return to a routine pattern as well. Curiously, even after severe winds, many leaves stubbornly cling to the trees awaiting their time to gently fall. Indeed, much damage to trees occurred due to the fact that they were heavy with leaves during the storms. Thankfully, nature will soon decide that it is time for the leaves to fall. November can be a very dreary time and exactly mirrors our liturgical time of remembrance and prayer for the faithful departed. The falling leaves mirror the cycle of life and death. As always, Jesus Christ guides us to places where He has already gone Himself. That is the hope of our Christian remembrance and Christian prayer. Beginning on this Thurs. Nov. 2nd, we will remember and pray for those who have died with reverence and love. We remember as a Christian people reassured by a new and eternal life for those who have died and Christian hope for the bereaved. Death is not a distressing fracture but a continuity of life into eternal life. May all who have died rest in the peace of the Lord. Lord God, Whose days are without end and whose mercies beyond counting, Keep us mindful that life is short and the hour of death unknown. Let your spirit guide our days on earth and in the ways of holiness and justice, That we may serve you in union with the whole church, Sure in faith, strong in hope, perfect in love. And when our earthly journey is ended, Lead us rejoicing into your kingdom, Where you live forever and ever, Amen. (Order of Christian Funerals 332)