In just a few years the commercial phenomenon of Black Friday has developed. The responses of people are fascinating, sometimes almost panic not to miss a ‘bargain’ to non engagement from others who want to shop in the traditional way before Christmas. There is a big difference between thoughtful shopping for presents for people that matter and a headlong rush not to miss out on something. This weekend, in the church, we celebrate the Feast of Christ the King which is the final Sunday in the old liturgical year. We have not reached the first Sunday of Advent where we struggle to let ‘Advent be Advent’ i.e. a time of preparation and anticipation for the birth of Jesus. There is a deep wisdom in this extended schedule of preparation because we will not be disappointed at Christmastime. I am sure that there may well be people already disappointed with their Black Friday business and it is not even Advent yet! Trust in God and you will not be disappointed. Pope Benedict said in his first homily as Pope to ‘let Jesus Christ enter your life and you will not be disappointed’. This weekend, we take our time, we let Jesus Christ be our king and we are quite happy to wait for the greatest gift of all which will be the newborn infant king on Christmas night.