The continuous fog and darkness of recent days has been very dreary. Despite the darkness, people and families have been very busy attending events and trying to remember everyone coming up to Christmas. Now that all the ‘things we must do’ have been mostly done, please God, we can have a bit more time and space for family and for ourselves to welcome Jesus Christ as our true hope and future. During the week, one of the church readings was from the Song of Songs calling on God to ‘show me your face, let me hear your voice’. It is written in the context of a beautiful love song. You know how it is when you see someone’s face that you may not have seen for a while or even just a few hours. When we the see face of those whom we truly love, our hearts are happy and content. In a sense, all is well in the world again. These Christmas days, please God, when we look on the face of the Infant Jesus in the crib, our hearts will be happy, content and renewed. It is a wonderful communication through the face of a tiny infant. We see the face of God and we hear his ‘word made flesh’. It is a subliminal communication between God and us, whom God loves. Make these days special for everyone and, if there is disagreement and bitterness, we pray for this infant to soften hard hearts and bring true happiness that only God can give. May your hearts, your life and your family be happy and content and truly appreciate that ‘all is well in the world’ with the ‘Emmanuel’ (God with us).