The month of January has been seasonally cold and wet. It is hard to imagine the emergence of Spring, brighter mornings, longer evenings and warmer temperatures. Reassuringly, there is an inevitable cycle of nature and the seasons assuring us that all these things will happen soon. Nature has its own ‘clock’ which is ticking and promising change for the better. The gospel this weekend proclaims change in the lives of the disciples. It proclaims change and repentance. Like long January days, we may feel that change will not happen and that repentance is simply an attractive word. However, the word of God is more than attractive, it is engaging and transforming. Be assured that change can come and that repentance is real and enduring. This weekend, despite the bleak weather and potentially, the bleak landscape of life and society, we listen carefully to the call to change and repentance. It is more than just a new year’s resolution but the transforming words and power of Jesus Christ.