Lent 2018 begins during the coming week and it has come around very quickly after Christmas season. Indeed, the cold temperatures and chilling winds of the last few weeks have really impacted on people as if we remain in January and are surprised by the arrival of Lent. Many people have been affected by flu and the cold weather seems to have ‘gotten in’ to people. Spring seems a while away and here we are at a special time of the year. Each liturgical season is a new beginning filled with hope and Lent 2018 is no different. Most certainly many people will come to the church on Ash Wednesday to receive the imprint of ashes as a sign of repentance and conversion. Many people will endeavour to attend weekday Mass during the sacred season and as a way of conversion. Please God, despite many counter attractions and some scepticism in the public space, many people will use this as a personal opportunity to turn our hearts and minds to God. Make Lent 2018 a special time and utilise the opportunity and gift that God gives to each one of us. Time is precious and we thank God for the gift of this sacred time for ourselves, our families, our community and parish.