This weekend, we are already experiencing a bitterly cold easterly wind. Apparently, we are promised even colder days and nights during the coming week. It is unusual to be so cold in late February and early March but hopefully, augurs well for a nice summer when all these cold winds, low temperatures and dark days are exhausted. The gospel on this second Sunday of Lent is always the account of the Transfiguration of the face of Jesus on Mount Tabor. He is accompanied by the ‘inner circle’ of disciples, Peter, James and John. They receive a privileged glimpse of the glory of God. In a sense they are virtually blinded by the light and the glory of Jesus. There is no cold easterly wind for them, but a warm glow radiating from the presence and the face of Jesus. As they do not know how to respond, they revert to their traditional understanding and want to build a tent to capture the moment and the presence of God. In our Mass and our faith, we are brought into that ‘inner circle’ where we can see the possibility of the glory of God, where we can be sheltered by God in a protective cloud and we hear the whisper of God as we ‘listen to Him’. This weekend let the face and glory of Jesus shine on you and warm your life and heart and show you a glimpse of what is possible through faith and the presence of God.