It has been a difficult week for many people. While the snow initially appears wonderful, the problems, consequences and challenges soon emerge and many things usually taken for granted suddenly become difficult. Every blessing to all those who work in our emergency and public services. They have done a wonderful job and we all thank them. In recent days, older people have recalled previous snow events in 1982 and 2009-10. Such discussions usually began with the words ‘I remember back’ or ‘I remember’. In the gospel this weekend, the disciples suddenly remember the words of scripture and the promises made to them. When Jesus clears the temple, they remember scripture but fail to understand the meaning and purpose of His actions. They remember the words of scripture but fail to see the wisdom behind them and the wisdom of Jesus’ actions. This weekend, help us to remember everything that we have been told and promised through our faith and from our parents and teachers. Help us to see the wisdom and understand that there is a profound meaning to them and to the Mass. We make big efforts to attend in cold temperatures and dangerous surfaces to ‘do this in memory of Me’. As always, we are in the right place, listening to the right words, remembering a deep truth and blessed to be part of a wonderful faith community here in Mayfield.