How often do you hear people say that they love Easter and prefer this time of the year over the stress and madness of the run-up to Christmas? Usually there is a reference to the better weather expected around Easter and the brighter evenings with the clocks moving forward. Apart from the weather, this is all true again this year as we embark on Holy Week, the school holidays and some valuable rest. This year, there is also a sense that we have been through difficult days, cold temperatures, snowfall and consequent disruption. Holy Week is truly the ‘Great Week’ or an Seachtain Mór. From Palm Sunday onwards, we truly enter into a sacred time. It feels like entering ‘a bubble’ where there is a slower pace and we follow in the footsteps of Jesus from His entry into Jerusalem, His celebration of the Last Supper, remaining with Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane, the Passion, Crucifixion and ultimately, the Resurrection of Jesus. This weekend, we will carry our palm branches to honour the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem and realise the ultimate outcome in His death on the Cross. We know these steps so well in our own lives. We know suffering, pain, sadness, bereavement, failure and disappointment. We know the Cross and this week; this Cross will become our hope and our victory. Walk these steps this year like never before. Take your palm this weekend, embrace your Cross on Good Friday and celebrate resurrection, new hope and new life on Easter Day. It is a great week and enjoy every moment.