On this Second Sunday of Easter and also, Divine Mercy Sunday, we meet a very familiar friend in the disciple Thomas. We are all comfortable in his company because he says what we often think when we find it hard to believe without evidence. He says what the rest of us are thinking! The beauty of this dialogue with the Risen Jesus is the way in which he is received by Jesus. Jesus brings Thomas to belief by touch. It is not about convincing Thomas at a rational or academic level. Jesus ‘meets’ Thomas in his suffering and at a point which Thomas immediately grasps and understands. It is a model for each of us this weekend. While we struggle at a level of reason and intellect yet we can immediately grasp the presence of the Risen Jesus in our suffering and pain. This weekend, we ask the Risen Jesus to take our hand and to place it into His side. We can touch the Risen Jesus in the Eucharist and receive the healing and belief we crave. Doubt no longer, but believe.