The beautiful weather has put most people in good form. People are more relaxed and routine has been put aside to make the most of the sunshine. Please God, that will remain the case for people and families for another while. In the gospel text this weekend, Jesus is calling the disciples to ‘rest a while’. The disciples have even forgotten to eat. Many people understand how that can happen because of commitments, stress and worry. It is not a good thing to forget to eat and yet it happens so easily. Equally, people of faith can forget to sit at the table of the Lord and be nourished by the Word of God and the Eucharist. Furthermore, we can be rushing and stressed. Each time we come to Mass, we follow Jesus to that ‘lonely place’ to be with Him and to ‘rest a while’. We are fed at the table of the Lord and brought back to ourselves and to God. Every weekend, we can make that sacred journey with Jesus and be revived and renewed. Take that opportunity and gift today and ‘rest for a while’ in the company of Jesus and of one another.