Last weekend, we saw Jesus caring for the disciples who were tired and worn. He brought them to ‘a lonely place’ where ‘he thought them at length’. Jesus does exactly the same in the account of the loaves and fishes in the gospel this weekend (Jul. 28th/29th). It says that Jesus ‘looked up and saw a large crowd approaching’. It also says that ‘Jesus knew exactly what he was going to do’ in providing for this huge gathering. Understandably, this account of the loaves and fishes is understood in the context of our celebration of the Eucharist. Jesus knows us well and understands our needs. Jesus understands our need for nourishment and companionship as we literally sit in groups in different churches and locations throughout the world. We receive more than we could ever imagine through the Eucharist and the golden virtues of faith hope and charity. These gifts are the ‘twelve baskets’ that ‘overflow’ from our Mass into life and the lives of our families. This weekend, we are in the right place, gathering around the altar of the Lord who nourishes our tiredness and our hunger. May God bless you and your family and may you be blessed with faith, hope and charity