This weekend (Aug. 4th/5th), we continue listening to chapter six of the gospel of John or the ‘Eucharistic Chapter’. At the end of the gospel, the whole community cry out ‘give us that bread always’. It is a cry from the heart to be nourished by the presence of Jesus who says ‘I am the bread of life’. Most days, we all have our meals routinely at a certain time of the day. We realise that we can become irritable and tired if we don’t do so. If we get very hungry, we will grab the first thing that we can put our hand on or rush into a shop to get anything to eat. The whole community are hungry and we can understand their cry. Jesus is their ‘bread of life’. Their hearts and their spirits are lifted and their hunger disappears in the presence of Jesus. It is a wonderful feeling and one that they will pursue. This weekend, we pursue the same nourishment and crave for the same bread of life. In our Mass we will hear that Jesus is the bread of life. Please God our hunger will be satisfied as well, our tiredness disappears and we can be refreshed