The readings are blunt and direct this weekend (Aug. 11th/12th). Elijah is close to despair yet the words of the angel to him are clear, ‘get up and eat’. In the gospel, Jesus bluntly tells people, ‘stop complaining to each other’. Both statements might seem uncaring to the listener and to the modern mind. These statements are blunt because they both point directly to the truth that is in front of people and they are unable to see it. It is as if a drape is removed from people’s eyes and they can see the truth and the power of the presence of Jesus Christ in the bread of life and the Eucharist. It is as if Jesus in the gospel and the angel in the first reading shake the people to see the answer to all their complaining straight in front of their eyes. Today, we may have many complaints, doubts, worries and reservations but the power and beauty of Jesus in the Eucharist is straight in front of our eyes and our lives. Listen this weekend and, if necessary, be jolted into the presence of God in the Eucharist. We are a privileged people with something truly wonderful in the Eucharist.