This weekend (Sept. 15th/16th), Peter’s declaration of faith in Jesus as the Son of God is at the centre of the gospel. Indeed, in Matthew’s gospel, these golden words of Peter are a turning point. Before Peter speaks, the disciples are hesitant and doubtful. They remain uncertain. After he speaks, they are emboldened and stronger. We can all recognize their doubts and their change of heart. In any relationship and within the family, doubts can linger. Then a moment comes when everything changes because we can see people for what and who they are. We can see and understand their nature. This is what happened to Peter. Once he was clear, everyone else was clear as well. Peter’s speaks the golden words of faith. All it takes at Mass each weekend is for these words to be repeated. We can trust that Jesus is truly the Son of God, that the Eucharist is the real presence of God and that our shared faith is well placed and strengthened. This weekend, and at every Mass, we repeat the words of Peter and we say yes, Jesus Christ is the Son of God and that makes all the difference in my life.