This weekend (Nov. 24th/25th), we celebrate the Feast of Christ the King, the last Sunday in the church calendar before we begin the season of Advent. In our church the mosaic of Jesus on the cross with Mary and St. John on either side is central. This is where we see Jesus as king sitting on ‘His throne’ which is the Cross. He judges us but with mercy, love, humility and He takes the ‘last place’. We do not like to be judged but this is a different judgment and a different king. This weekend, we may have many difficulties and many worries. The last thing we might need is to feel judged harshly and to be ‘lorded over’ by a remote king. Jesus Christ on His throne, the cross, is completely different. We are raised up by Jesus as our King this weekend. Please God, you can experience the tender mercy and love of Jesus Christ this weekend and experience healing in your life and in your family