While Advent has been very short this year, the ‘run-up’ to Christmas has been very long. Many people remark that they are worn from preparations and all the expectations associated with Christmas. People are expected to be in so many places, to attend numerous events and fearful that they may forget someone in their greetings and gifting. It has now reached such a stage that people nostalgically yearn for a less complicated time when the ‘run-up’ was shorter and Advent had a real purpose of creating anticipation and no little excitement. Indeed the deepest and greatest expectation is waiting for the golden moment on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning when we look on the infant Jesus at the centre of our beautiful church crib. It is a real expectation because it matters to our own lives and that of our families. Please God, our hearts can jump a little beat when we see that the promise of the newborn infant is real and makes a difference. If this year, your heart is broken or sad, if you are lonely for someone away from your table, if a relationship has deteriorated or broken down, then look on the newborn infant and see our hope and our future. May you all have a blessed and holy Christmas and may you not be disappointed in your hope and expectations of a new beginning and better days ahead