The gospel reading this weekend (Feb. 2nd/3rd) tells us that those listening to Jesus were ‘astonished’ by the gracious words which he spoke. Later the same gospel tells us that others were ‘enraged’ at His words because it was not what they wanted to hear and that they were one of many to hear the words of Jesus. Nowadays, people are often ‘outraged’ in public discourse and on social media. There are very few places where people recognize and have time for ‘gracious words’. Increasingly, we hear fewer gracious words and many more words that stir rage and outrage. The beauty of our Sunday Mass and our Christian faith is that we have a ‘space’ for gracious words. Words of faith, hope and charity can never enrage and are invariably gracious. In Our Lady Crowned, we are blessed with very good Mass attendances and beautiful celebrations in the church. Gracious words can be heard and can take root. Anything that comes from God is gracious. Such words nurture and encourage rather than create fear and anger. May God continue to bless us in our lives, bless our families, bless our homes and our parish.