A few years ago, a new phrase came into common usage called the ‘theatre of operations’. Sadly this phrase was associated with the desert wars that took place in Iraq. This phrase was another way of referring to the battlefield where dreadful events unfolded. War is always something dreadful with no winners and this phrase does not succeed in making it any different. In the gospel this weekend, Jesus is also in the dessert and also in a battle. However this battle against the temptations of the evil one are fought for us. Simply stated, Jesus is not trapped into making himself the centre of everything and overlooking us. We are not forgotten. Jesus Christ enters into a battle so that we can have hope and some meaning to the suffering of life. This battle will only conclude during the events of Holy Week and victory on Easter morning. Perhaps this weekend you find yourself in a cauldron and a ‘theatre’ of suffering and struggle. Perhaps you are fighting your own battles and need a word of strength. Take heart from the words and actions of Jesus in the desert and on the first Sunday of one of the most ‘real’ seasons of the year in Lent. Fight on and keep going!