The opening words of the first reading this weekend (Mar. 30th/31st) are liberating i.e. ‘today, I have taken the shame of Egypt away from you’. The reference is to ‘today’ and our shame about the past or present that can overwhelm us. The context of the gospel is significant i.e. Jesus tells this parable/story to explain why he shares the company of ordinary people and not the self-important. The gospel account of the Prodigal Son is familiar. There is no need to add or subtract from the gospel reading. It is what it is. There is mercy that we might crave from someone else. There is the tenderness of the Father. There is the acceptance and recognition of reality by the son and how his life is dead. There is the imagery of the husks that the pigs eat and the misery of life. There is the dignity of welcome and the importance of people to a loving and merciful Father. There is the resentment of the older brother. There are so many angles, so many interpretations and slants on this parable. The word that could bring it all together is ‘home’. The son comes home to the Father. Home can be the image on this Mother’s day as well. Words can be hard to find. Maybe ‘home’ is the right one for all mothers today. Please God we remember mothers no longer with us and that they are at home in Heaven. In the Eucharist today, hopefully we can experience that same sense of home. Like mothers and fathers, words are hard to find. The Eucharist is much more than words; it is the action of God. You are here in great numbers because this is home for you. We look for the same welcome as the prodigal son, we can experience the same dignity as special guests and we can feel a sense of home.