It is now over a full year since our memorable Parish Mission from Apr. 20th-24th 2015.  You will surely remember the beautiful weather during that week as well as the memorable ceremonies in the church each evening.  The church was filled to capacity each evening and a beautiful prayerful atmosphere was created. 

The St. Patrick’s Missionary Community has been giving a parish mission in Drimoleague during this past week.  They will also be leading parish missions in Bandon parish and Dennehy’s Cross parish in the course of 2016.  We continue to keep them in our prayers.


Our parish mission left many blessings in the lives of people and our parish.  The unique spirit of Our Lady Crowned of participation, welcome, generosity and prayer remains strong and has been very evident during recent months with many bereavements and sad moments.  May we always turn to our faith and our parish at all times but, most particularly, and at times of worry, sadness and heartbreak.  Our Lady Crowned, pray for us and our families.