Repair and redecoration of parts of the church ceiling will begin on Mon. Jul. 4th and are due for completion on Fri. Jul. 22nd. Thanks to your consistent generosity in both the weekly offertory collection and monthly church maintenance collection, the cost of this work which is to the order of €47,000 is already financed. The required remedial and redecoration works are more extensive than previously envisaged. Therefore, in the period, Jul. 4th-22nd, the 9.30am, weekday Mass will be unaffected and will be held in the Church Sacristy. The only enforced change will be on the weekends of Jul. 9th/10th and Jul. 16th/17th when weekend Masses will be accommodated in Scoil Mhuire Banríon. This will be for necessary for the two weekends, Jul.9th/10th & Jul. 16th/17th only. This is the final stage of works which began with the major works on the church roof last summer. Again, it is your generosity and your love of the church building and of your parish which ensures that all these works can be completed. Our Lady Crowned is a vibrant and thriving parish and these works ensure that we will always be proud of our church. Sincere thanks to all who make these works possible.