Everyone in the country was shocked by the family tragedy of murder/suicide in Ballyjamesduff, Co. Cavan. People have expressed bewilderment, incomprehension and are unable to find adequate words to respond. As a parish community, built on a shared faith in a loving and merciful God, we pray for the bereaved, the children in the affected schools, the parents and families of the children, the teachers and staff in both schools, the wider community and different sporting organizations. A deep silence has been the reported and understandable reaction in Co. Cavan and throughout the country. Parents, grandparents, teachers, community leaders have struggled to find words for questions posed by children. St. Paul teaches us in his letters that we will have the right words in the face of extreme difficulty. We take that promise on trust and keep those who have died and all the bereaved in our prayers this weekend. May the power of the merciful and loving Father gently guide and inspire those who are shocked, confused and uncertain of how to respond.