Advent begins on this Sun. Nov. 27th. Indeed, the season of Advent will extend for four full weeks in 2016 as Christmas Day falls on a Sunday as well. Please God, Advent will be a prayerful time this year. During the past week, much of the Christmas excitement has commenced. ‘Black Friday’ has become a major commercial event marking the beginning of Christmas which was once reserved to the Holyday on Dec. 8th. However, many people and families in our community cannot enjoy this ‘commercial season’ because of the stress of life and the challenge to provide for children and family. Certainly, we can do much to help other children and families and particularly through the St. Vincent DePaul Society locally and nationally. Please God, we can use the coming weeks well to prepare spiritually realizing that not everything is immediate and the birth of Jesus is profoundly important for all our families and our parish.