Well done to all those who were honoured at the Mayfield Community Volunteer Awards held in the Silversprings Clayton Hotel on Thurs. May 7th.  A deep sense of community and volunteerism was evident at the awards ceremony and is mirrored day after day in numerous community, sporting and parish groups in the wider Mayfield area. 

Our Lady Crowned parish is truly blessed with loyal volunteers who give of themselves, their faith, their time and talents in so many ways.  All our volunteers make our parish and community a special place.  They knit our parish and community together with the fabric of their faith and generosity.  May God bless all our volunteers in their loyalty, goodness and generosity.

There is certainly music in the air in Our Lady Crowned these days.  The Female Alumnae Choir from the Tallinn University of Technology in Estonia sang magnificently at 12 noon mass on Sun. May 3rd.  They were in Cork for the Cork International Choral Festival and visited Our Lady Crowned as part of the Festival Sacred Trail.

On this Sun. May 10th, the internationally acclaimed tenor, Finbarr Wright will perform at a Gala Concert.  He will be joined by Niamh O'Sullivan (mezzo-soprano) as part of a wonderful evening of song.  There is huge interest in the concert and tickets are in much demand.

Our parish and area has been blessed during this past week of Mission.  Our faith has been enriched and our confidence has been raised.  The morning Masses were prayerful and reverent.  The evening sessions were powerful and inspirational.  The attendances were incredible and the weather was perfect.  It was wonderful to see our church full each evening for five evenings.  That was special.

A sincere thanks to John Pridmore, Niall Slattery, Catherine Leigh and Elizabeth Woods from the St. Patrick’s Community.  They shared their faith with us in a humble and prayerful manner.  May God bless them in their unique ministry.

Thanks to all who prepared and promoted our mission over the last six months.  Numerous people have helped voluntarily in so many ways.  Your dedication and goodwill has flowered during this special week.  May God bless you for your work.

The Mission has been shared with St. Joseph’s, St. Patrick’s and Holy Family churches.  As neighbouring parishes, we have worked together and we are all stronger as a result.  Our area is setting the pattern for other areas to follow.  May God bless all our parishes and prayer communities.

Finally we continue to ask the blessing of Mary the Mother of God on our parish and community.  Our Lady Crowned, pray for us.