Remembering those who have died by suicide and the suicide bereaved after 7pm Mass on this Sat. Sept. 6th. There will be a brief prayer service and symbolic balloon release after mass. Please God our prayers, memories and gestures will ease the pain for many families who have been tragically bereaved. A Prayer for Suicide Bereaved Lord, You are the Saviour of those who trust in you. You are the God of the humble, The help of the oppressed, The support of the weak, The refuge of the forsaken, The saviour of the despairing. Please hear our prayer today. Good shepherd, lift our burden of isolation, Loneliness and depression. In our turmoil, pain and anguish let us know That we are loved and accepted by you. As the Good Shepherd you are searching for us To carry us in your arms. Jesus, our burden can never be too heavy for you; You carried the Cross of shame and humiliation Surround us with your protecting love And lead us to confide our pain to another. Amen.
Everyone in the country was shocked by the family tragedy of murder/suicide in Ballyjamesduff, Co. Cavan. People have expressed bewilderment, incomprehension and are unable to find adequate words to respond. As a parish community, built on a shared faith in a loving and merciful God, we pray for the bereaved, the children in the affected schools, the parents and families of the children, the teachers and staff in both schools, the wider community and different sporting organizations. A deep silence has been the reported and understandable reaction in Co. Cavan and throughout the country. Parents, grandparents, teachers, community leaders have struggled to find words for questions posed by children. St. Paul teaches us in his letters that we will have the right words in the face of extreme difficulty. We take that promise on trust and keep those who have died and all the bereaved in our prayers this weekend. May the power of the merciful and loving Father gently guide and inspire those who are shocked, confused and uncertain of how to respond.
Yet again, people throughout the world have been moved and shocked by images of a little five year old boy sitting in an ambulance in the Syrian city of Aleppo after a bombing raid. We do not have words for such scenes and we find it difficult to formulate or express any prayer, in the silence of our hearts and in the gathering of our community we keep this little boy and so many like him in our thoughts today. We think of his parents, his extended family, his friends, his school, his community and his city.
Preparations are ongoing for our new parish council which will be established next October. Members of our current parish council will arrange for nominations of new members in early September. A short training programme for new members will be provided by the parish development office of the diocese of Cork & Ross. Why not give it some thought in the next few weeks. All help needed and valued.
The O’Donovan brothers from Skibbereen have completed an amazing achievement by winning a silver medal at the Olympic Games. They have charmed the entire country with their natural, humorous and genuine interviews. Their pride in their parish, their sense of place, their humility and their incredible sacrifices have shone through. Certainly, their personalities and commitment will inspire many other young people to do their best and achieve great things. They have been ordinary people achieving extraordinary things. Please God, they will continue to be themselves and continue to inspire others.