Plans for the newly amalgamated Scoil Mhuire agus Eoin are accelerating as the new school year approaches. The recent Open Day was an outstanding success and pupil enrolment for the new school year is exceptionally strong and has exceeded expectations. Scoil Mhuire agus Eoin will be very well staffed retaining all existing staff members of the existing schools and further supports have been guaranteed. Plans for refurbishment of the existing premises of Scoil Mhuire Banríon are well advanced and works will be carried out during the Summer holidays. As outlined in last week’s newsletter, extensive refurbishment works will be completed in the existing premises of Scoil Eoin Aspal to ensure the smooth opening of St. Killian’s National School in September. These are exciting and positive times for the schools of our parish. There is a sense of a new beginning and fresh confidence for the future of our parish for families, parish and community. Well done to all involved.
In recent days, the office of the Diocese of Cork and Ross has advised Our Lady Crowned Parish that the existing premises of Scoil Eoin Aspal will be retained in the usage of our parish from Sept. 2017. It will be returned to educational use as the new location of St. Killian’s National school, currently located in Bishopstown. St. Killian’s was initially established by COPE Foundation and is now under the patronage of the Bishop of Cork and Ross. St. Killian’s continues to work closely with the existing COPE schools in the area and currently shares various services with them. This is great news for our area as it means the premises of Scoil Eoin Aspal will continue in use as a school of the parish. The Board of Management of St. Killian’s ‘looks forward to joining the Parish of Our Lady Crowned and the local community in order to provide the specialised enriched curriculum vital to their pupils aimed at developing individual strengths and talents through the provision of a wide range of additional amenities within the school building’.
The Holy Week ceremonies have been very well attended and beautifully celebrated in our church this past week. We have followed the footsteps of Jesus from the Last Supper in the Upper Room to the Garden of Gethsemane, along the Via Dolorosa in the Stations of the Cross and finally to the hill of Calvary. We have participated in the silence of Good Friday and now celebrate the explosion of joy and new life in the resurrection of Jesus. Every Mass that is celebrated is an ‘overflowing’ of the Easter Vigil. It is the triumph of life over death, light over darkness and hope over despair. It is God drawing us out of the slavery of ‘our Egypt’ with a ‘strong hand and mighty arm’ and bringing us to the freedom and joy of ‘a promised land’ of new hope. Please God, you can taste this hope in your own life, with your family or in the solitude of our minds and hearts. May God bless all on this Easter Day 2017.
A major objection to faith and belief is that the members of the early church invented the accounts of the resurrection of Jesus in order to persuade others to join their group or community. The very existence of their communities and the church depends on the truth of the resurrection. This weekend we will hear two magnificent accounts of the resurrection of Jesus. On Holy Saturday night, in the account of Luke, the men standing at the tomb of Jesus say ‘why look for the living among the dead, he is not here, he has risen’. This is the evidence of the disciples and the experience of Christians through the ages. Would you not love to hear those words spoken of your loved ones who have died? They are not here but they have risen! They are alive in God. I know this is your evidence that the resurrection of Jesus is real. Perhaps you are waiting for the words of resurrection in a difficult situation this year. Have hope. The words of Jesus are true. On Easter Sunday morning Peter and the beloved disciple of Jesus race to the empty tomb, in the gospel of John. The beloved disciple of Jesus waits for Peter and allows him to enter the tomb of Jesus first. They look around and study the evidence of the resurrection of Jesus. The beloved disciple says nothing but he ‘sees and believes’. It is not a shot in the dark. He knows that everything that he has been told is true. I love his response. It is considered and silent. It not ‘over the top’. He is the ‘quiet man’ who is not be easily fooled. I trust his careful judgment. To see and believe is to be wise. Put your trust in the risen Jesus and you will not be disappointed in Easter 2017 and beyond. Happy Easter.
Well done to all those who were honoured at the Mayfield Community Volunteer Awards held in the Silversprings Clayton Hotel on Thurs. Apr. 6th. A deep sense of community and volunteerism was evident at the awards ceremony and is mirrored day after day in numerous community, sporting and parish groups in the wider Mayfield area. Our Lady Crowned parish is truly blessed with loyal volunteers who give of themselves, their faith, their time and talents in so many ways. All our volunteers make our parish and community a special place. They knit our parish and community together with the fabric of their faith and generosity. May God bless all our volunteers in their loyalty, goodness and generosity.