This weekend (Nov. 24th/25th), we celebrate the Feast of Christ the King, the last Sunday in the church calendar before we begin the season of Advent. In our church the mosaic of Jesus on the cross with Mary and St. John on either side is central. This is where we see Jesus as king sitting on ‘His throne’ which is the Cross. He judges us but with mercy, love, humility and He takes the ‘last place’. We do not like to be judged but this is a different judgment and a different king. This weekend, we may have many difficulties and many worries. The last thing we might need is to feel judged harshly and to be ‘lorded over’ by a remote king. Jesus Christ on His throne, the cross, is completely different. We are raised up by Jesus as our King this weekend. Please God, you can experience the tender mercy and love of Jesus Christ this weekend and experience healing in your life and in your family
It was with great sadness that we heard of the death of Fr. Pat O’Herlihy on last Wed. Nov. 14th. Fr. Pat died peacefully in the company of some family members and his Columban colleagues in Dalgan Park, outside Navan. Fr. Pat lived in Mayfield for 17 years and only moved to Dalgan Park earlier this year. Fr. Pat was born in Berrings in 1933 and commenced studies in Dalgan Park in 1952. He was ordained in 1958. He celebrated his diamond jubilee of ordination during the summer. Indeed, he celebrated his golden jubilee here in Our Lady Crowned in 2008. Fr. Pat served as a dedicated and conscientious missionary priest in the Phillipines for many years serving in different parishes. He also served as chaplain to the Irish communities in the United Kingdom from 1973-1979. Fr. Pat was always humble about his work as a missionary priest and never boasted in any way about the sacrifices he had made. However, he did often speak of his time serving on ‘Smokey Mountain’, where he worked in very difficult conditions to serve the poorest of people on that enormous rubbish tip in the Phillipines. In more recent years, when Fr. Pat arrived in Mayfield, he worked very hard to promote the work of the Columban Missionaries in the dioceses of Cork & Ross and Cloyne. He arranged many successful concerts in the City Hall and numerous other fundraising efforts. Fr. Pat was a true missionary and a dedicated priest. He was brave and courageous. He never shirked from hard work would do anything for people. He continued to serve as chaplain to the growing Filipino community in Cork and we extend our sympathies to members of the Filipino community in our own parish and beyond. May his gentle soul now rest in the peace of the Lord after his life’s work is truly he done
This weekend (Sept. 15th/16th), Peter’s declaration of faith in Jesus as the Son of God is at the centre of the gospel. Indeed, in Matthew’s gospel, these golden words of Peter are a turning point. Before Peter speaks, the disciples are hesitant and doubtful. They remain uncertain. After he speaks, they are emboldened and stronger. We can all recognize their doubts and their change of heart. In any relationship and within the family, doubts can linger. Then a moment comes when everything changes because we can see people for what and who they are. We can see and understand their nature. This is what happened to Peter. Once he was clear, everyone else was clear as well. Peter’s speaks the golden words of faith. All it takes at Mass each weekend is for these words to be repeated. We can trust that Jesus is truly the Son of God, that the Eucharist is the real presence of God and that our shared faith is well placed and strengthened. This weekend, and at every Mass, we repeat the words of Peter and we say yes, Jesus Christ is the Son of God and that makes all the difference in my life.
November is a very special time of the year when we remember and pray for all those who have died. Every year we may be adding a new name to our list of the faithful departed for our Novena. Each year, there are thousands of names on our lists here in Our Lady Crowned. Each single name is a full life of family, self-giving, trust, love and memories. It is not possible to articulate our sense of loss and change. The best way is to include them in our Novena, keeping all the deceased close to God in the Mass and close to us as pray for them. Please ensure to include all your names on the lists and envelopes provided at the back of the church and return them for the start of the Novena on Fri. Nov. 2nd.
All roads lead to Phoenix Park for the major event of the Papal Visit this weekend. There are many highlights to this momentous event both public and private. Our fervent prayer at masses this weekend is that the presence of Pope Francis will bring people together, bring healing for those who have been hurt and bring hope to many people who may feel dejected. May God bless our Holy Father, Pope Francis in this daunting task and may God bless all those who attend and everyone in our beloved country. Our Lady Crowned, pray for us.