Substantial funding has now been secured from the Department of Education and Skills for the refurbishment of the two parish schools in coming months. These works will be carried out during the summer. This substantial investment in both school buildings will ensure the best of permanent accommodation for both Scoil Mhuire agus Eoin and St. Killian’s Special School. The educational landscape of Mayfield, at primary level, will be transformed in coming months for the benefit of our parish and community. The enrolment for Scoil Mhuire agus Eoin, as the newly amalgamated co-educational school, continues to grow ensuring a vibrant school into the future. Every blessing to the all involved and particularly to those who give their time and support on a volunteer basis for the good of the schools and our parish community.
Mayfield people are incredibly proud of our parish and community. We are blessed with a vibrant parish and great congregations. We have a fantastic community with numerous cultural, community and sporting groups. We want everyone to know our story and broadcast the best of our parish and community. Our community and parish is built on great traditions of volunteerism and a wish ‘to give to the community’ 2017 will see several ‘milestones’ honouring this unique tradition and several ‘new beginnings’ which will sustain that unique spirit into the future. Just some of the notable ‘landmarks’ of 2017 are: Mayfield Ladies Club celebrating 50 years of community involvement; Newbury House marking 30 years of community building; Our Lady Crowned Credit Union is marking 50 years of service to the community; Fr. Dermot Brennan O.P. is celebrating 50 years of priestly service; The ordination to the permanent deaconate of David Lane in this September; The opening of Scoil Mhuire agus Eoin in September building on the history and traditions of Scoil Mhuire Banríon & Scoil Eoin Aspal; The opening of St. Killian’s School as a whole new chapter of special education in Mayfield and joining Cara Junior School which opened in 2013; Ceremonies to mark traditions of Scoil Mhuire Banríon and Scoil Eoin Aspal will take place before the Summer; These are all positive and forward looking moments. These are opportunities and not conclusions. These are all happy events and not sad ones. These are ‘the story’ of our parish and community. Why not let everyone know that we are looking to the future with confidence, trust and faith. As always we pray, Our Lady Crowned, pray for us.
Plans for the newly amalgamated Scoil Mhuire agus Eoin are accelerating as the new school year approaches. The recent Open Day was an outstanding success and pupil enrolment for the new school year is exceptionally strong and has exceeded expectations. Scoil Mhuire agus Eoin will be very well staffed retaining all existing staff members of the existing schools and further supports have been guaranteed. Plans for refurbishment of the existing premises of Scoil Mhuire Banríon are well advanced and works will be carried out during the Summer holidays. As outlined in last week’s newsletter, extensive refurbishment works will be completed in the existing premises of Scoil Eoin Aspal to ensure the smooth opening of St. Killian’s National School in September. These are exciting and positive times for the schools of our parish. There is a sense of a new beginning and fresh confidence for the future of our parish for families, parish and community. Well done to all involved.
We have been blessed with beautiful weather in recent weeks. The first days of May, the beautiful month of Mary, have been spectacular. Everyone is looking forward to the forthcoming First Holy Communion ceremonies on Sat. May 13th & 20th. While much is changing in our country in regard to faith and religion, there is a tangible nostalgia around the month of May. The ‘Queen of the May’ remains an evocative and powerful statement of our residual faith in God and our sense of identity. People increasingly reflect on their childhood memories of May altars and May processions. These memories have left a warm and deep impression on many people. It is still possible for us to shape enduring, deep and warm experiences of faith and belief for the children of today. We celebrate the First Holy Communion ceremonies with warmth and faith. We share a prayer with the children that they will treasure and respect in their adult lives. We can still do so much to pass faith to children and the next generations. The month of May is a special moment. Preparations for the World Meeting of Families in our parish can be another such opportunity. May God bless the children, their families, their schools and our beloved church and parish in this month of Mary. Our Lady Crowned, pray for us.
In recent days, the office of the Diocese of Cork and Ross has advised Our Lady Crowned Parish that the existing premises of Scoil Eoin Aspal will be retained in the usage of our parish from Sept. 2017. It will be returned to educational use as the new location of St. Killian’s National school, currently located in Bishopstown. St. Killian’s was initially established by COPE Foundation and is now under the patronage of the Bishop of Cork and Ross. St. Killian’s continues to work closely with the existing COPE schools in the area and currently shares various services with them. This is great news for our area as it means the premises of Scoil Eoin Aspal will continue in use as a school of the parish. The Board of Management of St. Killian’s ‘looks forward to joining the Parish of Our Lady Crowned and the local community in order to provide the specialised enriched curriculum vital to their pupils aimed at developing individual strengths and talents through the provision of a wide range of additional amenities within the school building’.