The murder of the elderly priest, Pere Jacques Hamel in Rouen is best described as beyond horror for those who were witnesses and those who have been affected by this brutal action. This was a frail and elderly priest who was prayerfully, reverently and quietly celebrating weekday morning Mass with a small parish gathering. It is unimaginable what they have all suffered and highlights the suffering of so many throughout the world who continue to fall victim to new forms of terrorism. Our prayers may seem inconsequential and yet we persevere to put our trust in the Risen Jesus Christ. Indeed, we value even more deeply, the precious gift of the Eucharist and our faith in God. Please God, we will continue to do this and use our faith as the strongest weapon that God gives to us. May Fr. Jacques and all those who suffer tragic death pray for us from their deserved place in the company of the Lord. May he rest in peace.
It is wonderful to be back in our beloved church this weekend for Masses. It is a very special and sacred place. In a sense, we can appreciate our church even more when we couldn’t be here for Mass or to drop in and say a prayer in recent weeks. It is great to see that all the work on the church ceiling has been done and the ceiling is now restored to its best. This work has taken time and has been a complex task. Last summer, the church roof was resurfaced and new insulation was added. Now both the church roof and the church ceiling have been fully repaired ensuring the long term maintenance of our beloved church. Furthermore, a new boiler has also been installed recently to improve the church heating system for the coming winter. The new boiler and improved heating along with the new roof insulation should ensure a very warm and welcoming atmosphere in the church. It is solely the generosity and financial support of the people of Our Lady Crowned and the Mayfield area which makes all these improvements possible. You love your church and you continue to support it. It is your support which guarantees a beautiful church for your families and for future generations. May God bless you for your support. Every blessing to all the volunteers who maintain our beautiful church throughout the year. Every blessing to all the parish groups and parish ministries that work so hard for our parish and our church.
The church ceiling has now been fully repaired and redecoration of all previously damaged areas will be completed by this Fri. Jul. 22nd. The church will reopen on next Sat. Jul. 23rd for weekend Masses. Sincere thanks to all in Scoil Mhuire Banríon for seamlessly accommodating weekend Masses over the last two weekends. Particular thanks to Barry Dunlea, school caretaker, for all his help.
Yet again we are all shocked and angered by events in Nice. We pray continuously for all those who have died, the bereaved, those who are fearful, as a result, and those who have been angered by another act of violence. It is almost impossible to pray in the face of such unspeakable violence and it is in such dark moments that the passion of Jesus on the Cross can reach our fear and uncertainty.
Remedial and redecoration works on the church ceiling are due to commence on Mon. Jul. 4th next and due for completion on Jul. 22nd. Therefore the main church will be closed from Jul. 4th-22nd. Weekday Masses will take place in the parish rooms and church sacristy. The church office will remain open as normal. Weekend Masses on Jul. 9th/10th and Jul. 16th/17th will take place in Scoil Mhuire Banríon school hall. Weekend Masses will be as normal on Sat. @ 7pm and Sun. @ 9.30am & 12noon. There will be an extra Mass on Sun. Jul. 10th & 17th @ 11am in Scoil Mhuire Banríon.