The church ceiling has now been fully repaired and redecoration of all previously damaged areas will be completed by this Fri. Jul. 22nd. The church will reopen on next Sat. Jul. 23rd for weekend Masses. Sincere thanks to all in Scoil Mhuire Banríon for seamlessly accommodating weekend Masses over the last two weekends. Particular thanks to Barry Dunlea, school caretaker, for all his help.
Remedial and redecoration works on the church ceiling are due to commence on Mon. Jul. 4th next and due for completion on Jul. 22nd. Therefore the main church will be closed from Jul. 4th-22nd. Weekday Masses will take place in the parish rooms and church sacristy. The church office will remain open as normal. Weekend Masses on Jul. 9th/10th and Jul. 16th/17th will take place in Scoil Mhuire Banríon school hall. Weekend Masses will be as normal on Sat. @ 7pm and Sun. @ 9.30am & 12noon. There will be an extra Mass on Sun. Jul. 10th & 17th @ 11am in Scoil Mhuire Banríon.
Repair and redecoration of parts of the church ceiling will begin on Mon. Jul. 4th and are due for completion on Fri. Jul. 22nd. Thanks to your consistent generosity in both the weekly offertory collection and monthly church maintenance collection, the cost of this work which is to the order of €47,000 is already financed. The required remedial and redecoration works are more extensive than previously envisaged. Therefore, in the period, Jul. 4th-22nd, the 9.30am, weekday Mass will be unaffected and will be held in the Church Sacristy. The only enforced change will be on the weekends of Jul. 9th/10th and Jul. 16th/17th when weekend Masses will be accommodated in Scoil Mhuire Banríon. This will be for necessary for the two weekends, Jul.9th/10th & Jul. 16th/17th only. This is the final stage of works which began with the major works on the church roof last summer. Again, it is your generosity and your love of the church building and of your parish which ensures that all these works can be completed. Our Lady Crowned is a vibrant and thriving parish and these works ensure that we will always be proud of our church. Sincere thanks to all who make these works possible.
The Parish Pastoral Council will host a parish festival and celebration after 12 noon mass on next Sun. May 22nd. There will be refreshments, music, ice-cream and much more outside the church to celebrate the unique spirit and sense of community in our church and parish. Everyone is welcome and it will be a lovely occasion. Understandably, to ensure space and safety, the church grounds will remain closed to parking for the 12 noon Mass on that day and only those with special parking requirements will be admitted via Lotabeg Terrace entrance
This weekend, thousands of people have already participated in ‘From Darkness to Light’ in support of the Pieta House and to increase awareness of mental health issues and suicide. Many have participated because they wish to support a family member or friend in their personal challenges. Others have participated out of gratitude for the support which they have personally received in their own lives. All wish to increase awareness and encourage others. Our faith in God remains a powerful inspiration because hope is at the core of our faith. Today, we celebrate the Feast of the Ascension marking the fact that Jesus has gone ahead of us and opened a path to God and to hope. We should never give up hope in Jesus and always trust in the Risen Christ. Today, we think of many who may be at the point of despair and persevere in our faith, hope and trust. Life itself, faith and hope are precious and fragile. Keep hope alive and keep faith alive in our celebration of the Eucharist and our in our prayers for all.