Repair and redecoration of parts of the church ceiling will begin on Mon. Jul. 4th and are due for completion on Fri. Jul. 22nd. Thanks to your consistent generosity in both the weekly offertory collection and monthly church maintenance collection, the cost of this work which is to the order of €47,000 is already financed. The required remedial and redecoration works are more extensive than previously envisaged. Therefore, in the period, Jul. 4th-22nd, the 9.30am, weekday Mass will be unaffected and will be held in the Church Sacristy. The only enforced change will be on the weekends of Jul. 9th/10th and Jul. 16th/17th when weekend Masses will be accommodated in Scoil Mhuire Banríon. This will be for necessary for the two weekends, Jul.9th/10th & Jul. 16th/17th only. This is the final stage of works which began with the major works on the church roof last summer. Again, it is your generosity and your love of the church building and of your parish which ensures that all these works can be completed. Our Lady Crowned is a vibrant and thriving parish and these works ensure that we will always be proud of our church. Sincere thanks to all who make these works possible.
This weekend, thousands of people have already participated in ‘From Darkness to Light’ in support of the Pieta House and to increase awareness of mental health issues and suicide. Many have participated because they wish to support a family member or friend in their personal challenges. Others have participated out of gratitude for the support which they have personally received in their own lives. All wish to increase awareness and encourage others. Our faith in God remains a powerful inspiration because hope is at the core of our faith. Today, we celebrate the Feast of the Ascension marking the fact that Jesus has gone ahead of us and opened a path to God and to hope. We should never give up hope in Jesus and always trust in the Risen Christ. Today, we think of many who may be at the point of despair and persevere in our faith, hope and trust. Life itself, faith and hope are precious and fragile. Keep hope alive and keep faith alive in our celebration of the Eucharist and our in our prayers for all.

It is now over a full year since our memorable Parish Mission from Apr. 20th-24th 2015.  You will surely remember the beautiful weather during that week as well as the memorable ceremonies in the church each evening.  The church was filled to capacity each evening and a beautiful prayerful atmosphere was created. 

The St. Patrick’s Missionary Community has been giving a parish mission in Drimoleague during this past week.  They will also be leading parish missions in Bandon parish and Dennehy’s Cross parish in the course of 2016.  We continue to keep them in our prayers.


Our parish mission left many blessings in the lives of people and our parish.  The unique spirit of Our Lady Crowned of participation, welcome, generosity and prayer remains strong and has been very evident during recent months with many bereavements and sad moments.  May we always turn to our faith and our parish at all times but, most particularly, and at times of worry, sadness and heartbreak.  Our Lady Crowned, pray for us and our families.  

This Sunday is the 1st May and the beginning of a very special time in our parish.  While the weather has remained cold during April, we have already been blessed with three beautiful Confirmation ceremonies in the church.  One more confirmation ceremony for the children in Gaelscoil Gort Álainn is due to take place on Wed. May 25th.

First Holy Communion ceremonies for Scoil Eoin Aspal & Scoil Mhuire Banríon on Sat. May 14th and Gaelscoil Gort Álainn on Sat. May 21st will be beautiful.  Fr. Michael will also celebrate the First Holy Communion for the schools of St. Patrick’s Parish on next Sat. May 7th in St. Patrick’s Church, Lower Road.


Every single ceremony is a special moment for the children, their families and their faith community.  Each is a beautiful moment of grace as God continues to be present and bless each one.  In a society and culture where faith is less public, it is inspiring to see the goodness and faith of so many.  May God bless all the children and their families and please God, May will bring warmer days. 

Our church and parish was blessed during Holy Week and Easter.  Sincere thanks to everyone who contributes voluntarily throughout the year to ensure that our church is beautiful and superbly maintained, all our masses and ceremonies are joyful and well attended and all our parish ministries and representative groups remain dedicated.  Thank God for so many good people who give of their time and talents to ensure a vibrant prayer community and parish.  May God continue to bless you and your families