Our church and parish was blessed during Holy Week and Easter.  Sincere thanks to everyone who contributes voluntarily throughout the year to ensure that our church is beautiful and superbly maintained, all our masses and ceremonies are joyful and well attended and all our parish ministries and representative groups remain dedicated.  Thank God for so many good people who give of their time and talents to ensure a vibrant prayer community and parish.  May God continue to bless you and your families



During the past week we have seen images from the tragic funerals in Derry and the dreadful acts of terrorism in Brussels. There were also several road traffic accidents last weekend in different parts of the country. Our hearts and prayers ‘go out’ to the bereaved.  Words are useless in the face of such inexplicable pain and heartbreak.  However, the human spirit is unbeatable and we continue to pray for the bereaved. We continue to pray that the hearts of those intent on death and terrorism can somehow be changed, somehow, some time and some where.  That is our prayer on this Easter Day that Jesus will defeat death and darkness with life and light.  The Paschal Candle announces the living Jesus Christ and in defiance of death and despair.  May the Risen Jesus keep our hopes alive and our hearts warm.  Fr. Michael

Welcome to Fr. Ben Hegarty OP. from Ennismore who will preach at 9.30am & 12noon Masses this Sunday.  Fr. Ben will introduce the Jubilee Year of Mercy and the thinking behind this event which has been inaugurated by Pope Francis for the worldwide church.

Our Parish Pastoral Council has arranged commemorative bookmarks and stickers bearing the Jubilee Year of Mercy logo. These have been prepared in special envelopes with the intention of one envelope per family.

We thank Fr. Ben for his words this weekend and the ongoing support of the Dominican community at Ennismore for our parish events.


Lord Jesus Christ,

you have taught us to be merciful like the heavenly Father,

and have told us that whoever sees you sees Him.

Show us your face and we will be saved.



Many really look forward to Holy Week ceremonies in our church and parish.  Unlike Christmas, when so many things must be done, Holy Week is much calmer and more prayerful.  The ceremonies are powerful and beautiful.  There is a beautiful rhythm and movement to the different liturgies.  The Stations of the Cross on Good Friday can touch our hearts and lives.  The joy of resurrection is dramatic on Holy Saturday night.  We often say that we would like to have some time space for ourselves.  Why not take that opportunity this year and enter into the special atmosphere in our church.  Make Holy Week 2016 your special time and join in our ceremonies this week. 

On Holy Saturday Night 2015, Joshua Brinkmann publicly commenced his preparations for adult baptism during our Easter Vigil.  Joshua has continued his preparations during the past year both in our own parish and at the Chaplaincy in U.C.C. where he is currently a second year student.  His journey continues this weekend where he presents himself for the ‘Rite of Election’ at the North Cathedral.  Candidates for adult baptism from other Cork parishes will also be there.


Please God, Joshua will complete his preparations in Our Lady Crowned with a view to adult baptism during our Easter Vigil on next Holy Saturday, Mar. 26th. It is inspiring to see, and accompany, someone who is choosing to be baptised as an adult.  We all look forward to Holy Saturday Night and we will keep Joshua in our prayers as he continues to take such a significant and considered step in his life.