Lent 2016 begins on this coming Wed. Feb. 10th.  Lent and Easter are very early this year.  During the past week, some people have begun to prepare their gardens and planting for the spring.  Please God, this work will flourish for Easter and later in the year.  Growth is slow initially, but then flourishes with warmer temperatures in spring and early summer.  

Hopefully we can see the same pattern of change and growth for ourselves.  Growth does come even if it seems impossible at first.  Lent is a time of change and growth which too, seems impossible at first but it does happen. 

It is a time for us to turn our hearts and minds to God as a loving and merciful Father.  Please God, many of us will receive ashes on our foreheads on Ash Wednesday.  We want to receive the ashes and we all want to do our best.  Think about what you can do this Lent; what sacrifice can you make to help us along.  Think about it before Ash Wednesday and be ready to make Lent 2016 important for you and your family.


Fr. Michael


January has been a long and miserable month for people this year.  We have had frost, ice, rain, floods and huge storms.  Above all, it has been very dark.  Many people remark that both the mornings and evenings remain very dark.  It is a darkness and misery that ‘gets into our bones’ and affects our mood.

We need light and sunlight to open our eyes and indeed, our hearts.  It is not by chance that the most powerful image of Jesus is ‘the light of Christ’ or the ‘light of the world’.  Candles give light, warmth, consolation at times of baptism, marriage, death and in the seasons of Christmas and Easter.

This weekend, we hear that Jesus speaks ‘gracious’ words to the people of Nazareth in their synagogue.  These words are greeted with joy by many and with disdain and rejection by others.  As we gather for Mass this weekend, may these gracious words of faith, hope and charity open our hearts and eyes, giving us new light and fresh hope particularly at the end of a long month.

As always, we are in the right place at the right time and listening to the right words.

Fr.  Michael


Christmas 2015 was a wonderful celebration in Our Lady Crowned.  The church was truly beautiful thanks to all who decorate, maintain and keep it clean so lovingly.  The music and singing was wonderful thanks to all our choirs and musicians.  Thanks to all our ministers of the Word and Eucharist who serve throughout the year.  Thanks to all the church collectors and counters for their dedication and loyalty.  Our church was so welcoming thanks to different parish groups who welcome people at the church door.


Our church is blessed with so many people who work quietly and voluntarily.  Thanks to all our parish groups and parish ministries who give of their time and talents to assist the parish.  Everything ‘comes together’ at Christmas time and it is great to see.  It is when people gather together in our church that we experience the presence of God with a sense of parish and community.  May God bless you and your families.  Fr. Michael


Your donations to the Church Crib over Christmas and the New Year will be given to the Cork Simon Community this year.  It is inspiritational to witness families, children and people of all ages praying in front of our church crib. 

The crib remains in place this weekend and the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord.  It will be removed during the coming week. 

Cork Simon Community have already expressed their appreciation to Our Lady Crowned for your generosity over Christmas period and final details will be available next weekend.

Everything is set for a special concert in our church on this Sun. Nov. 22nd @ 7pm.  Over 80 young people from different parishes have been involved so far and have attended two rehearsals already.  Ina Callinan, liturgical music composer, will conduct the group. The Dublin Gospel Choir and other professional musicians will also support the young people during the concert. 

Please come along and support the young people.  This will be our way of encouraging them as well as enjoying a special evening of sacred music.  There will be no admission charge but you can make a donation.


Thanks to our own Parish Pastoral Council who have helped to arrange this event and have been present for all rehearsals.