Baptism is the first of the seven sacraments and is the rite that make us members of the Church. It is the gateway to the reception of all the sacraments.
In Baptism we are washed with water and consecrated by the Holy Spirit and so we begin a new life in Christ.
Baptism is usually received as an infant, however, adults who choose to become a Catholic will receive this sacrament as part of their journey in the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA).

Baptism is a sacrament of welcome.
We welcome your baby into the family of the Christian community. On the day of birth a baby is welcomed into the immediate family: at baptism the welcome is into the greater, Christian, family — in this instance the Christian community of Our Lady Crowned, Mayfield. So at baptism a baby is said to become a “Child of God”.
This is the meaning of the “new life” which you will hear mentioned often during the ceremony. The child is “born again”.
Baptism is also a commitment:
You promise to bring the child up in the faith.
Teaching the child about God, how to pray, bringing the child to Mass.
Preparation for First Communion/Confirmation.

Booking your baby’s baptism
The Baptism Registration Form is available at the Parish Office. It is essential that this form along with a copy of your child’s Civil Birth Certificate is returned to the Parish Office at least two weeks prior to your child’s Baptism.
If you live outside the parish and wish to have your baby baptised in Our Lady Crowned Church you are asked to have a letter from your own parish where you reside allowing the baptism to take place.

Day and Time
The times for Baptism are: First Sunday of the month after 12 noon Mass and on one Saturday evening in the month at 3.00pm.
Enquire about exact dates from Parish Office. Tel: 021 4552176 Email:

Choose your baby’s godparents with care. They must share the Christian faith and be at least 14 years old. They should be living near enough to get to know your baby. They will be undertaking to share with you the responsibility for handing on the faith to your child.
Remember to bring with you to the Church: a baptismal candle a white baptismal robe or garment.

Parish Baptismal Preparation Team
A member of the Parish Baptism Team will phone you to arrange a suitable time for preparation.
Meetings will take place at the church at a time suitable to you. At this meeting, we shall discuss the baptism ceremony and answer any queries that you may have.

Members of the Parish Baptismal Team:
Members of the Baptismal Preparation Team
Geraldine Kirwin
Breeda Grealish
Kay Brosnan
Ruth Mc Laughlin
Lily Cronin
Helen Crowley

Church Visit
A contribution of €50 is suggested for the priest or deacon officiating at the Baptism.
An offering for the Sacristan attending on the day is also appreciated.