Parish Pastoral Council

Our Lady Crowned Parish Pastoral Council 2021

Parish Mission Statement
Our Lady Crowned – Mayfield is a welcoming parish where we promote and encourage greater participation. Working in a spirit of co-operation, cultivating a love and respect for the Mass and sacraments and to continue to build a Christian Community of faith, hope and care for others. To endeavor to create and develop new ways to reach out. Foster a spirit of ecumenism and respect for people of other faiths. ‘Being of one mind and heart on the way to God’ (Acts 4:32)

The Parish Pastoral Council have been nominated by the parishioners of Our Lady Crowned Church and all members completed their formation by the Pastoral Development Office.

Chair: John O’Gorman
Secretary: Bernadette Wallace
Contact: or phone 021- 4551276.

The Parish Pastoral Council meet monthly with our Parish Priest – Fr Charles Kiely